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3Here at The Waggy Dog Crèche your dog can enjoy (or endure) everything a pampered pooch deserves. From a quick bath and nail trim to a full cut and restyle or handstrip.


We offer a full consultation service prior to the groom, so we can establish exactly the needs of the owner and of course the style for your dog.  Both members and non members of the crèche are welcome to use the Waggy Groom room.  So while your shopping or popping into town, your dog can be having a groom ready to be picked up looking good and smelling gorgeous.


For Crèche members whilst your dog enjoys a day with friends in the crèche they can then have a groom all in the same day, saving you two journeys.  Of course if you are using the Woof & Ride facility as well, then you’ll save even more time.


Rub a Dub Pup


For young puppies we recommend our “rub a dub pup” service prior to their first full puppy groom.  This is a FREE introduction service to help your pup accept the grooming process, as depending on the breed, could need grooming up to every 4 weeks for the duration of their lives. This is why it is vital they are as comfortable as possible.

Once your puppy has had all the required inoculations they can then come and visit the Waggy Groom room staff and have a good nosy about.  They can experience sitting in the bath (empty of course) and hear and see the dryers, clippers and other equipment being used. With staff on hand to give encouragement, praise and plenty of yummy treats, they will then be desensitised ready for their first groom. 


For price enquiries and/or to make a booking please contact the Groom Room directly on 07907 011002